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August 22nd Back to School Night 5pm


NO school Sept. 4th Labor Day

Sept. 29th - Progress Report

Oct. 6th Panther Prowl

Oct. 31st Early Release Day

November 13 - 17  Parent conferences


November 16 and 17 Early Release 

November 20 - 24 Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 22nd Early Release

December  25th - Jan. 5th Winter Break

Jan. 12th  Progress Reports sent home

March 15  Second report card goes home

April 18 Progress Reports go home

May 28, 30, 31 Early Release Day

May 31  Last Report Card goes home

Green Eyed Cat

Green Eyed Cat



At Back to School Night I stressed the importance of effort and of course students learning strategies for knowing what to do when in need of assistance.   My sincere hope is to have students learn skills necessary to cope in school and in life.  IF they don't learn these skills now, life will be that much more difficult down the road.  So please allow your students to do as much as they can on their own before intervening on their behalf.  The more a parent intervenes, a child will always be reliant on someone else taking care of their concerns. Let's teach students to first try on their own, and then if all else fails, utilize the help of others.  I promise this will only benefit your child today and for the rest of their lives.

I'm counting on students being ready to answer homework and test questions in complete sentences even if the instructions do not say to do so.  Points will be taken off for incomplete sentences (ie one word answers).  I will also be taking off points for no name papers.

Regarding homework and tests:  For written response questions, I expect more than one sentence responses.   A third grade standard is for students to be able to cite evidence from text by giving examples directly from the text.  

If any parent wants to come in and give a presentation on a holiday that they celebrate, please let me know.  During this time of year there are many holidays.  The presentation would be for educational purposes only.  

Every  morning, please ask your child if they have their homework in their backpack.  Too many students are leaving their homework at home and receiving a dot for this.  Thanks

If your child is struggling with memorizing their multiplication facts, please buy them multiplication flash cards.

As I've mentioned and written before, your child can take home any of their textbooks for studying as long as it's returned the next day.

I plan on keeping most oral report assignments and final copies of writing to use for Open House towards the end of the year.  After Open House, I will return all reports and final copies of writing.  You will always be able to see scores for reports and final copies.

By the end of the school year, students are responsible for memorizing their multiplication facts up to ten.  I will be giving timed tests to help prepare them for this.

Re: Math homework.  If math homework becomes too stressful for your child, please feel free to modify the homework by completing all odd or all even problems.  All I'm looking for is that a student put in some true effort trying to complete what they can.  They will get credit just for trying. Thanks.

STUDENTS CAN NOW USE THE LEXIA PROGRAM AT HOME.  This program is good for working on fluency and other language arts skills.  The program informs me on student progress, and I will print out certificates when students pass a level.  Thanks for giving this program a try.

Please make sure your child brings all of their homework to school.  Homework is due the next day.  I like to begin positive habits right from the get go.  Thanks for helping with this.

Re: homework - I try my best to balance out the homework load.  Some days there is a lot of homework, but I try my best to balance it out with less homework on other days.  

Thank you all parents for everything.  It's a pleasure to work with you and learn about your children.  Please feel free to meet with me for any concerns you might have.  If I don't hear from you, I assume all is well.

In third grade I'm trying to teach our students the basic skills they will need to succeed in future years.  If they get a good grasp of basic skills now, life should be that much easier in their future.  Let's do everything we can to get our students off to a good start.

I am spending the Panther Prowl funds that have been donated to class.  Some purchased items have been folders, markers, spiral notebooks, glue, colored paper, electric pencil sharpener,  supplies for classroom projects, digital pictures of your child, bins to put extra student supplies, field trip buses, and class parties. 



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