Sorry to add on to the list of items being cancelled, but the trip to Irvington High School to see the play has been cancelled.  I will send your money home.   I will send the checks and most of the cash back in this week's Friday Folder.  I have a bunch of $10 bills which I need to turn to $1bills.  When this happens I will send home the remainder of the money.

If you decide to keep your child at home or schools close due to the Coronavirus, I want to let you know the district and school administrators are determining how to have students work from home.  At this time there is not an "official" policy.  I can tell you to go on Clever, get your math and history books from school, and go to Mystery Science.  Remember, Thinkcentral is source that can be used as well.

Also, Open House will be rescheduled so No Open House April 7th.

Report cards are here.  Please keep the report card, but SIGN and RETURN the envelope.

Thank you Mrs. Reddy for stepping up to the plate and delivering pizza to our class.

Thank you parents for sending in pizza party related supplies.

Parents, please be careful when sending in food items.  We have student(s) allergic to nut and nut products.  These students are not allowed to have foods with nut products NOR foods processed in facilities that use nut products.  THANK YOU FOR CHECKING the food labels before the food is sent in as this is a major safety issue.

I want you to know a bit about our Illuminate grading program.  Occasionally, tests get directly imported into the system such as Benchmark tests.  The grade book program is set to round down on each standard.  Thus, if your child had ten 3's in a standard and one 2, the score would automatically be rounded down do a 2 even though the average would be 2.9.  Thus, I did my best to make judgement calls and rounded many student scores up to 3.

Also, you will notice that there are not many 4's given.  This is due to something called depth of knowledge.  This means if a question is simple and doesn't require much thought (7+3=10) there is not much depth of knowledge and a 4 can not be given.  However, if a problem is complex, like a multi-step word problem that requires serious thought, then a 4 can be given.

FYI For the last report card period, I'm going to manually keep track of scores in all categories to give you a more meaningful score on the end of year report card.

THERE is NO NEED to meet with me if your child is receiving a majority of 3's and 4's.  That means your child is meeting standards.  On many report cards, you might see the statement, "there are no concerns at this time," indicating all is well.

For additional resources for SBAC preparation try going to http://www.smarterbalanced.org/assessments/samples/#questions 

In reading  We finished unit 5.  Look at your child's score in the Friday folder.  We will be skipping a unit and going to unit 7 the theme being Communities Then and Now.  Lesson one spelling words are: actors, owners, players, vendors, bakers, painters, sculptors, and visitors.  The vocabulary words are: community, settlers, grateful, founded, tourists, unpredictable.  Students will also learn about reciprocal pronouns such as one another and each other.

  In math  We continue unit 6  which is on Geometry, Polygons, Perimeter, and Area.  Students will need to know what makes something a triangle, parallelogram, rectangle, square, rhombus, and quadrilateral.  They will also learn how to solve for area and perimeter.

Next week I will send home a sheet to help students solve problems regarding area and perimeter.

In science we start a unit on Living Things in Changing Environments.  Go to the links pages and click on science.  

In history we continue unit 3.  Students will learn how to put some of California's historical events in correct sequence.  They will see how places changed as different groups of people moved into different areas.  Lesson one vocabulary is: explorer, and culture.  Students will learn a little about Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo, Sebastian Vizcaino, and Francis Drake.  Finally they will learn about the impact of the Gold Rush and the Transcontinental Railroad on California.


Link for Clever.....



                                          The password for clever is:  Welcome!

If you are interested in getting an idea of what the SBAC test might look like, please go to the links site on this website and give the practice SBAC tests a try.  THERE IS NO UNIQUE password to practice on the site.  Just use the password/username both of which are "guest".

Third grade students will take the SBAC tests during the week of May 11th-15th.

Please have your child go on Espark for additional practice for most concepts we go over in class.  GIVE IT A TRY.  You can access Espark on the Clever website.

For students that need more assistance with reading fluency, please log on to Clever and then go to the Lexia icon. 


For more assistance with math try Khanacademy.org and log on with the Google password and username that we use in class.


Give one more website a try.  You can find the website FRECKLE by having your child log on to CLEVER and clicking on the FRECKLE link.

The code to join is DM2CKZ.  Username is child's first and last name. 

Don't forget my class wishlist for permanent markers, Crayola markers, hand sanitizer, and class incentives.


Please feel free to look at the various links my website has.




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